Week 2

Oh what a difference a week makes! No big improvements in knee range of movement but a lot more function.

Courtesy of some decent travel insurance (world nomads with all skiing boxes ticked) I got a business class seat home from America on the 10th January, after a less comfortable 4hour minibus transfer. Got to love an upgrade at the best of times! I nearly felt guilty that the family were at the back ….but quickly got over that asthey’d skiied all week without me!

The seat / bed allowed me to keep my leg up & swelling at bay whilst getting some decent rest. Happy days. A shot of a blood thinner pre -flight & continuing basic mobility/quads/glute exercises helped to prevent DVTs (deep vein thrombosis).

Once I got home, I quickly realised how great the delayed return had been. In your own home you inevitably end up on your feet doing jobs, sorting the kids & the return to school tasks. I’d forgotten how much I got love a uniform list. My activity suddenly jumped a few notches. For the first few days that was without consequence but then your body lets you know with an increase in pain & /or swelling.

The name of the game is pacing. I’ve needed to find my activity limits, overstep them and slow down on occasions. My main measures are has my knee stiffened or can I still get it moving? Is it more swollen? Is it more painful? If yes then I need to dial back.

On Wednesday after checking with my insurance company & ensuring I can do an emergency stop I started driving short distances.

This week I also joined a local gym with a decent length pool. In desperate need to get some endorphins flowing I cracked on with the ironically cracked on with the ski ergo. I taken back my dislike of swimming & swam a mile of arms with a pool bouy. I’m not sure some of the older ladies appreciated me tacking up & down the pool but I loved being able to get moving.

So on the orthopaedic front I did catch up with a surgeon. With any investigations it is important not just to read the report or view the MRI but also take into how your patient is presenting!! The consultant seemed perplexed by the physical assessment findings compared to the MRI report. Admittedly once the swelling & protective muscles have kicked in ligament testing often proves difficult. But he didn’t feel my knee was as unstable as the MRI suggested. So we agreed to review in a month. This would give me the chance to prehab before possible surgery & also see how far I can get my function. His suggestion that I could attempt to avoid surgery & just rehab….

This pup hasn’t been impressed not to be out running or walking with me! All of this week including walking Isla has been made possible by my fab husband Chris & some fantastic parental support.

With some pacing & spacing between clients I’m also back to work this week! Feel free to book in & thanks for the support.

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