Progress 2.5-3.5 weeks post injury

A few sped up videos to show some of the things I was up to in week 2.5-3.5 post injury as I was feeling more confident weight-bearing on the right side.

These exercises are specific to me & the stage I felt ready for. It is not a one size fits all. Some people may be struggling to weight-bear & others might be ready for far more loading. It will all be dependent on specific injury, swelling, instability, range of movement & pain. I do not recommend removing your brace except under guidance from orthopaedic consultant or your physiotherapist.

My main aims during this stage were to maximise knee movement, improve walking pattern (gait) and tolerance to weight-bear. Getting activation in my quadriceps (thigh) as well as hamstrings (back of thigh) and glute muscles (buttocks) whilst respecting pain and limiting swelling.

I caught up with a local physio friend yesterday who has been through a similar injury & agreed with the stage I’m currently at. Exercises we went over were very similar. We also worked to gain a little more range of movement. My main limitation at the minute is a “block” & pain when bending the knee past 95 degrees and lacking 5-10 degrees off extension. I’m respecting this & not forcing through it given the structures injured, it would be unwise at this stage. It could be the stump of what is left of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is preventing the movement.

Pretty excited to give this a gentle go on the reclined bike, without fixing my foot in the pedal & fixing the seat with plenty of extra leg room.

Got a few more miles of arms in the pool this week. Still feels like I’m in a fight! However, it’s so good to be moving & getting some endorphins flowing.