• Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are experts at identifying, assessing, treating or preventing problems with human movement as a result of injury, illness or disability. Whether trying to achieve elite level in sport or have pain sat at your desk a physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan may be able to help. Do you have stiffness? Weakness? Problems with walking or balance? Get in touch and lets make a plan using our tool box of techniques and experience to achieve your goals.

  • Sports Massage

Managing, manipulating and rehabilitating soft tissues including muscles, ligaments and tendons. Aiding the recovery or prevention of niggles or injuries. Techniques may:

-Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage

-Stimulate or sedate nerve endings

-Increase or decrease muscle tone

-Improve muscle length

-Remodel scar tissue

-Provide relaxation or assist in sporting preparations

  • Acupuncture

As an adjunct to physiotherapy we may use acupuncture to enhance pain modulation. Conventional acupuncture uses a single use pre-sterilised, disposable needles that pierce the skin at acupuncture points based on assessment. A number of needles may be used and they are typically left in position for 20-30mins with intermittent stimulation. We may also used trigger point acupuncture to facilitate muscle relaxation in specific muscles, this is usually a quick process and does not require the needles to be left insitu.

  • Pilates

Physiotherapy led pilates available in classes and on 1:1 basis. The focus is on adapting  pilates moves based on individual postural and movement dysfunctions. The clinical application aims to restore each persons function through movement.

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Home Visits

Unable to drive due to injury or disability? Home visits available on request.

Treatment Price £50 for up to 60 mins