Go time

The last 2 weeks have been full of work, running around after the kids & as much prehab as possible. Did knock 2 minutes of my mile pull buoy swim & cracked on with more circuit based full body workouts in the gym with adjustments where needed to accommodate the knee. Still can’t walk my dog, in fact my gait pattern is still unfortunately pretty rubbish!

However, surgery was agreed last week. The question is what exactly will be done? My hope is that it will be a simple ACL reconstruction using a hamstring graft. Depending on what the surgeon finds when he goes in further ligament stabilisation may be required. This would be a bit of a different ballgame in terms of time in theatre and recovery. I’m quietly confident it’s not going to come to that.

Today is surgery day. My son is off snowboarding in Austria, my husband is in Sydney, wonder Granny is downstairs & my daughter has snuck in my bed. It’s tricky to know who is comforting who but I’m definitely not kicking her out!

This is a routine elective operation. However, it’s always daunting sitting in the patient seat and putting your life in the hands of others. It’s fair to say I’m feeling fairly anxious but it would be odd not to be. I may be quite hangry by op time which is never good on a Monday! No food from midnight & no liquids after 5am.

I’m now settled into hospital. Having walked in this morning the wrist tag & gown have gone on which means I’ve taken on a whole new vulnerable role of patient & couldn’t possibly sit in a chair! I have seen the surgeon (Mr Hancock). He agrees after further ligament testing that 95% sure just ACL reconstruction today but final decision during op. The anaesthetist is ready to do her thing & I’ve ordered some food for the other side!

Super Granny has taken Lily off to monkey world & as I’ve somehow been bumped to number 2 on the list looks like It’s go time!

I’ve hired a game ready (ice compression machine), my muscle stimulator is on standby & I’m ready to start rehab. I have a family to look after, patients to get back to treating & goals on the horizon.

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