We are available on the end of a phone for advice or via video-conferencing for assessments of injuries, advice & exercise prescription and for face to face appointments as per governing body guidelines. Do give us a call if you have an queries.

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We have liaised with our governing body the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Physiofirst to ensure that we are effectively prepared for face to face appointments as lockdown has eased. This includes creating new policies, procedures and working practices to maintain professional standards, legal and regulatory responsibilities to protect both our clients, ourselves and the wider community. This situation is rapidly evolving and we are monitoring our guidelines regularly.


Currently advice is to provide virtual appointments in the first instance. There are circumstances where a face to face appointment is warranted but not before virtual or phone consultation and risk assessments have been completed. So please do get in touch to discuss your clinical need and any queries however, big or small you issue is.

Often we find that by problem solving together whilst a hands on approach may not be viable we may be able to offer advice and guidance. We are hear to help you access the help that you need.

Currently PPE will need to be worn by the physiotherapist for any face to face contacts and patients will be properly briefed before attending appointments with any paperwork completed online prior to attendance.

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For outline information of changes that will be in place see below. These will be updated as guidance evolves.

Changes to Practice

You safety is paramount to the services we provide following CSP guidelines the following will occur as standard practice:

  1. Patients will be triaged over the phone/video-call to deem whether a face to face appointment is appropriate.
  2. Pre-appointment health screen and consent to treatment completed prior to appointment.
  3. Clinic room surfaces will be sanitised prior and between appointments. Only wipeable surfaces or single use paper couch roll will be used.
  4. The appropriate PPE will be worn by the therapist as outlined by PHE (gloves, face mask, single use plastic apron, eye protection).
  5. Hand washing facilities and sanitiser will be used by both patients and therapists prior to treament.
  6. Patients should attend appointments alone, except minors or those where chaperone is required and agreed by the therapist.
  7. Face masks will be made available for patients to use.

After my knee operation on 13th March the current crisis took over and I think I fell down a gap in the system. Thanks to an introduction by a mutual friend I have just had my first appointment with “H” over video conference. If felt like she was in the room with me. She gave me a full examination and fully explained what was happening to my knee. She has sent me exercises to do and I have booked a follow up for a weeks time. My worries were discussed and she put my mind at ease instantly. What an amazing lady you are I cannot thank you enough. Glencora Page, Office Manager.