17th March

So this week marks 4 weeks post op & a real milestone of being back on the road admittedly for short journeys only & still avoiding the school run where possible.

I also returned to work on Monday & had patients booked in all week, ensuring plenty of gaps to ensure I can also do my own rehab & rest my knee in between. I’m not expecting to be able to do a full day on my feet from 8-5pm working or otherwise until about 8 weeks post op.

Well a lot has changed in the global situation & there is a lot of uncertainty ahead with lock down increasingly likely this week as a result of Covid-19. Seems ridiculous to be writing about a knee issue right now but I know that a few people following recently had surgery & despite a global pandemic rehab does have to continue!

Having JUST started back at work and taking into account government guidelines on social distancing I took the early decision today on 17th March to swap to phone calls & video consultations for all but urgent appointments. Cancelling face to face appointments is not easy but stopping the spread is more important.

I still have my own Physiotherapy appointment on Wednesday, however only as I am a priority post op patient. All vulnerable patients have been advised not to attend appointments & non-urgent patients cancelled. I will be entering through a separate entrance (as the main entrance is closed) and after being screened at a station by a masked nurse and having my temperature taken.

The other big development this week is that my husband returned early from Miami as his sailing was cancelled due to concerns over coronavirus & potential travel restrictions. On Friday 13th he went to the dry ski slope so my son could get his last freestyle kick for a while. Having had a whole a discussion between us about not putting any extra burden on the NHS, Chris ironically dislocated his shoulder doing “an epic jump!” So we all ended up in A&E on Friday 13th.

Chris on the gas and air for pain relief awaiting xray
Awaiting relocation post Xray

Luckily Chris had no bony injury & his shoulder was relocated under gas and air. Lily rolled her eyes & asked “What is it with you two?”….

The upside is I can drive us both around at the moment!

The main structure of rehab continues for me with focus on controlling residual effusion, increasing range of movement as my knee still feels like it’s in a vice & is very stiff. Gradually building up balance, hamstring activation, quadriceps and glute strengthening has been a focus. Still lots of backwards walking, gait re-ed drills and gentle biking upto 15 mins with little resistance. Gradually increasing the bike and other variables such as walking allows me to know how I’m reacting in terms of pain & swelling.

So I expect my physio session tomorrow may be one of the last in these uncertain times of a global pandemic. It is looking increasingly likely that schools will be closing soon & tighter restrictions placed on social distancing. Crazy crazy times.

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